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Nuff Said Tour

Show: 7:30pm

Hot coming off of the heels of his last sold out comedy tour Tyrus is ready to entertain again with fresh new material but the same old common sense.

Tyrus Fox News Channel Contributor, Comedian, NWA Wrestling Superstar, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Just Tyrus and upcoming book Nuff Said, returns live on stage in his inimitable style with deeper reminiscences on the life that shaped him and how he views the world we’re living in.

A rare voice of reason and authentic storyteller who never holds back. Tyrus delivering a series of heart-rending and redemptive tales from his remarkable life and coupling them with no-nonsense insights on the hottest issues being discussed around the country. He makes you think, he makes you laugh. 

Whether he’s tackling the issues of race and activism in America today or confronting his past with stories of family, relationships, wrestling, and more, this is pure Tyrus at his unbridled best. The parallels he draws between current culture and his personal past are insightful, provocative, and profound. The all NEW Nuff Said Comedy Tour is a powerful reflection on a complex life and a complicated world and a man that uses laughter to achieve his goals.

Join Tyrus for a Meet & Greet after the show where you can get a photo and autograph. His New York Times best selling memoir “Just Tyrus” and pre-order “Nuff Said” which comes out in November will be for sale at the event as well.

$300 Seating: Gold VIP wristband for front of line access to Meet & Greet immediately following the show, photo with Tyrus, and signature gold chain souvenir.

$150 Seating: Meet & Greet immediately following the show and a photo with Tyrus.

Please note we don’t do refunds for these events. That would be your responsibility to give or sell the tickets if you cannot attend . When purchased the seats were taken out of rotation and therefore other people cannot purchase them. And the performer has already paid to staff the event insurance and paid for your seat to the venue. 

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